The green roof

IMPERMITECNICA S.r.l. is the partner for Calabria, of Daku, who works in the field of green roof for many years.
Daku has chosen its partners selecting reliable and experienced firms which are capable of providing user applications in line with its standards.


IMPERMITECNICA designs and builds green roofs 'turnkey' and in 2006 contributed, through its high professionalism, to make a significant added value to the residential complex Marconi 1 Rende (CS), and it has recently finished the work of Stella Group Construction.
The flat roof of the Marconi Complex spanning 6700 square meters and the area covered by a green roof (roof garden) is 1100 sqm. The various gardens are small oasis located in the structure enriched with different species of vegetation between the main ones are: Excelsa Chamaerops, Chamaerops Umilis, Ilex variegated Pittosporum Tobira, Poligolia Tree, Ligustrum ball, Jumiperus, Cotoneaster, Pissardi (trees), Bamboo . The gravel roads of Sciacca, marking the various paths in the garden complete the setting of an exemplary roof garden.

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