What is thermography

Thermography is a non-destructive diagnostic technique that is based on a known principle of physics that any body with a temperature above absolute zero (-273.14 ° C) emits electromagnetic energy in the form of infrared waves.
Thermography allows real-time view and measure thermal energy emitted from any body considered.
The thermographic camera is an instrument that detects remote thermal energy in the form of infrared radiation and converts it into a digital signal.
The digital signal obtained is an image that represents the map of the surface temperature of the body under investigation. This map associates to a temperature detected a second color corresponding adjustable parameters.
IR technology has now reached high levels of quality, making possible its use in many areas. The thermographic analysis can be used in all situations where the difference in surface temperature is due to a discontinuity in material properties. Thermography finds its application in construction, industrial, energy, environment and also in the medical field.
The advantages of this diagnostic technique are manifold. It 's a fast and reliable method for preventive maintenance and / or predictive and which gives the possibility to make non-destructive investigation (after we review the object in question is not affected) and non-invasive investigations (there is no contact between equipment and the object).

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